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Developer of mobility software since 1995. Popular in more than 60 countries.
iPhone/iPod and iPad Apps

Attention iOS 8 users
I am aware that iOS 8 is causing problems with some Poohbah Apps.
I am working on the problem and will submit updates to the Apple App Store as soon as I am able to figure out what the heck is going on and fix it.

[Star Trux LX App] Star Trux LX
Free-to-Play fun
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[Star Trux App] Star Trux
Outer space excitement for the iPhone and iPad
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[Beer Master] Beer Master
Refreshing and thirst-quenching
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Let Ed guide you
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[Farm Guide] Farm Guide
Local food sources
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[WeatherCat] WeatherCat
Personal weather monitor
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[WeatherCatPad] WeatherCat for iPad
Create your custom weather monitor on your iPad
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[Wine Master] Wine Master
Enjoy the juice
Wine Master Help
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Need help with a Poohbah product?
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Here are some good books and videos that we have encountered in our research:
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[Grand and Pepper] The Grand Poohbah is a retired software engineer. He lives on a ranch and is usually outside doing ranch stuff. When he comes inside and turns on his computer, he becomes "The Grand Poohbah".

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