Whisky Master

Marking and Showing Whiskies


You can mark individual whiskies in Whisky Master.

Use this to keep track of whiskies that you own, or whiskies to buy or taste.

Or use it for anything you want.

Marking a whisky

All whiskies start out unmarked

Tap the marker to change it.


Tap it again to unmark.


Showing marked whiskies

Tap the marker to select what you want to see.

Each tap changes the marker and redraws the list.

Show all whiskies.

Show unmarked whiskies.

Show marked whiskies.

Sometimes the list is empty.

This occurs when you tap marked
for marked whiskies and there are none

or when you tap unmarked
for unmarked whiskies and there are none.

Tap until you get all to see them all.

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